About Us

The Shoe Cottage was a family start up business in 1995 in a modest space on the outskirts of  downtown Ithaca. Our goal at the time was to offer only the affordable quality footwear for men and women that was unobtainable elsewhere in the surrounding area. Our business flourished beyond our expectations and in 2000 we moved to a newly renovated store just steps from our old location that tripled our size. About 4 years ago, with the demand for more brands and styles for our women customers, we decided to eliminate our men's line of footwear and focus entirely on women's brands, which has turned into another huge success. When you come to visit us you will be greeted by Cindy (the business owner of 20 years) or her daughter-in-law Heather, who also has invaluable knowledge of trends, styles and sizing as she has been with us for the last 10 years, or possibly Tracy and Suzi who have also been with us many years with their expertise in precise footwear sizing and fitting. Unlike the department store atmosphere, we gladly bring your selections to you from our vast inventory of over 3,000 pairs. Being independent and family owned also allows us the opportunity to give purchases of multiple pair’s a nice discount if you have trouble making up your mind on exactly which pair looks best. If you’re on a limited time schedule for lunch or otherwise, remember that we are only steps from the best hamburgers in town along with a Chinese take-out or the Pizzeria next door. And don’t forget the largest wine and liquor store in Ithaca is also right beside us. Forget the parking meters and the parking garage, we have over 300 free parking spots right in front of our store.


From all of us at Cobblers Shoe Cottage, we sincerely hope to see you soon!